I am a sixty-one year old privileged white man with a fourteen year old black daughter named Ella.  Being Ella’s father has forced me to confront the privilege and racism within myself, my family and my society.

Historically, I spent twenty five years as a pastor in urban Methodist and Quaker congregations before realizing I had become a happy atheist.  After leaving the ministry, I spent about ten years as a community organizer in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I have been a writer by avocation with several published books including “If Grace Is True” and “If God Is Love” (with Philip Gulley) and my most recent, “Leaving Your Religion.”

Presently, I am the executive director of Companion Community Development Alternatives, a small NGO doing collaborative development work in Central America.

I have six children and nine grandchildren, of which five are biracial.

If you’d like to read a post that summarizes much of my recent journey with links to pertinent blog posts, I’d recommend starting with my I Was Racist and Ignorant post.